Cylinder Vases with Floating Candles and Orchids

Cylinder Vases with Floating Candles and Orchids


Water and candlelight are an incredibly romantic combination, and including floating candles in your wedding décor can add to the atmosphere of your big day


  • Set of 3 contemporary cylinder vases with white orchids
  • 3 transparent candle holders
  • floating candles
  • acrylic ice /gemstones,
  • Mirror base

The size of the vases:

LARGE – H:50cm x W10cm

MEDIUM – H:40cm x W10cm

SMALL – H:30cm x W10cm

Please note: all the decorations are hired and need to be returned or left completed and undamaged for the collection

Check your Venue’s Candle & Open Flame Policy
Some venues don’t allow candles at all for health and safety reasons, but they may be more willing to accommodate floating candles than regular candles as they will go out if they are tipped over.


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